Chalkis Shipyards S.A. is one of the leading shipyards in the Mediterranean!

A leading provider of ship drydocking, repair and refit services in Greece with an international client base.

Conveniently positioned in Chalkis, mainland Greece, we are certified to ISO-9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 with facilities that operate under the ISPS code. Our facilities include two floating docks, shore and mobile cranes and fully-equipped repair shops.

Our clients trust us for:

Dedicated, experienced workforce, qualified subcontractors

Fast and reliable service of high quality

Good planning on budget and on time

Health and Safety in all aspects of operation – a top priority

Our Services

An experienced and highly qualified workforce is ready to perform on your vessel in order to render high quality services!

Understanding our customers’ needs, we aim to have vessels back in operation in the shortest time possible. Our wide-ranging portfolio of customer support services includes assistance with all documentation required for certification companies, underwriters and insurers.

Our fully-equipped shops and stand-by trusted contractors allow us to offer a comprehensive service.

Main facilities of the Shipyard are:

Two (2) Floating docks

Berths > 1.200m

Pier cranes
L.C. up to 50t

Floating crane
L.C. up to 100t

Mobile cranes
L.C. up to 160t

Cherry pickers

Health & Safety and Environmental Protection

We take action over and above our legal duty for our employees to work with the confidence that they are protected and taken care of.

Our Port facilities operate under the ISPS code and comply with the industry standards and national and international legislation. We are EN ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified and regularly update our policies to incorporate all new guidelines.

Personnel Training

  • Continuous H&S training
  • Regular readiness exercises
  • Τargeted actions for raising awareness on H&S matters for our personnel and contractors

Health & Safety

  • Occupational Risk Assessment Studies
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Investigation into all near-miss accidents (corrective and preventive actions)


  • Plan for managing waste & cargo residue from vessels that sail to the Mikro Vathy Avlis Port, Evia
  • Licensed Biological Wastewater Treatment Plan
  • Approved Environmental terms for our docks

Our Clients

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Chalkis Shipyard is conveniently located in a protected gulf near Aulis, in Evia, Central Greece. The shipyard’s location at the Euripus Strait is ideal for vessels travelling to and from the Black Sea or from Suez to the Western Mediterranean area and vice versa.