Chalkis Shipyards S.A. is one of the leading shipyards in the Mediterranean!

For us, it is vital that we work in a safe working environment and that we do our best to protect the environment.
We take action over and above our legal duty for our employees to work with the confidence that they are protected and taken care of.
Our Port facilities operate under the ISPS code and comply with the industry standards and national and international legislation.
We are EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified and regularly update our policies to incorporate all new guidelines.

Health & Safety

  • Onsite Occupational Doctor’s office and regular visits by the Occupational Doctor
  • Confidential medical records for all employees
  • Regular check-ups
  • Occupational Risk Assessment Study for all positions of employment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Investigation into all near-miss accidents (corrective and preventive actions)
  • Continuous H&S training
  • Regular readiness exercises
  • Measures for reducing risk
  • Targeted actions for raising awareness on H&S matters for our personnel and contractors


  • Plan for managing waste & cargo residue from vessels that sail to the Mikro Vathy Aulis Port, Evia
  • Licensed Biological Wastewater Treatment Plan
  • Approved Environmental terms

Company Policy on Quality and H&S

Chalkis Shipyards SA implements an Integrated Management System developed according to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 International Standards. The company’s management is particularly sensitive to Quality and H&S matters with the System being an integral part of its corporate philosophy, set up in compliance with all national and international legal framework and focusing on:

  • Quality, which constitutes our competitive advantage; we guarantee work of consistently high quality responding to our customer’s increasing needs
  • Standardization of different operations, which optimizes organization and performance
  • The Health & Safety of our employees and contractors, which we see not only as ourlegal obligationbut as proof of corporate social responsibility

The Company’s Policy on Quality and Health & Safety is the cornerstone for the achievement of the company’s goals as these are listed below:

  • To establish direct contact with the customer and the provision of high-quality services
  • To develop relationships of mutual trust with our customers, suppliers and employees
  • To assess interest expressed by third parties within the framework of our operations and administrative decisions, aiming at responding to their needs and fulfilling their expectations from Chalkis Shipyards
  • The increase in productivity and the continuous improvement of the standards of quality
  • The minimization of not only occupational accidents but also, of any middle-term and long-term consequences on the health and quality of life of employees and contractors
  • Strict compliance with national and international regulations on the operation of the shipyard and the services provided by the company, as well as the legislative framework on Health & Safety

All personnel support and are part of our commitment to QUALITY and HEALTH & SAFETY while at the same time, continually striving to improve the quality of services.

The port facility of Chalkis Shipyards takes all security measures required by the ISPS Code (IMO Port facility number: GRCLK-0003) and is licensed at “SECRET- NATO SECRET-EU SECRET” security LEVEL for handling classified information.

Lastly, the company is fully compliant with Environmental legislation, taking action to improve its environmental performance.

ISO 45001:2018

πιστοποιητικο iso 2018

ISO 9001:2015

πιστοποιητικο iso 2015