Chalkis Shipyards S.A. is one of the leading shipyards in the Mediterranean!

Drydocking of vessels for maintenance, upgrading and repair works.

We provide a wide-range of services to ensure that your vessel meets all statutory requirements and performs in perfect condition.

Our foremen follow specifications, coordinate workshops, specialized personnel, subcontractors and handle documentation requirements in order for the vessel to return to operational condition the soonest possible.

Chalkis Shipyards operate fully equipped shops at the premises. These include not only a workshop for mechanical repairs and a plateshop, but also piping, electrical and carpentry shops.

Floating Dock 1 – Avlis

  • 14,500 tons
  • 195.00m
  • 156.00m
  • 33.50m
  • 1.30m
  • 7/10 tons
  • at 21.0/15.0m

Floating Dock 2 - Vathi

  • 4,400 tons
  • 151.00m
  • 135.00m
  • 21.00m
  • 1.30m
  • 3 tons