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World Maritime Day 2022

Sustainable growth – Green transition – Digital transformation

For us in Chalkis Shipyards SA, it is vital that we work in a safe working environment and moreover that we do our best to protect the environment.
A successful green transition is heavily depending on the maritime industry, the production and use of green fuels and the respect of the Environmental terms. The international community is currently focusing on the development of green solutions designed to ensure the green transition of the co2-heavy industries. In addition to the growing threat of climate change, the shipping industry is in the spotlight, with pressure building to implement greener, cleaner initiatives for a climate friendly future.
Based on this principle and following our regular standards, we are committed and always plan for managing waste & cargo residue from vessels that sail to Mikro Vathy, Avlis Port, Evia, we work with a Licensed Biological Wastewater Treatment Plan and by Approved Environmental terms. Our Port facilities operate under the ISPS code and comply with the industry standards and national and international legislation.
We are EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified and regularly update our policies to incorporate all new guideline.
It has to be a commitment of the maritime industry worldwide to support the green transition by all means, for a better green future for all of us.
We should all celebrate this day, “World Maritime Day”, (29/09/2022).